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Emmanuel Macron was elected Sunday President of the Republic with 65.5% to 66.1% of votes against Marine Le Pen (33.9% to 34.5%), according to estimates of the institutes Ifop and Harris Interactive . The candidate of En Marche !, 39, becomes the 8th president of the Fifth Republic with a clear victory over the candidate of the National Front, 48 years.

Emmanuel Macron was elected Sunday President of the Republic by beating far right candidate Marine Le Pen in a second round marked by strong abstention, but many challenges await this young man to the ascent fast, By obtaining a majority in the Assembly. The candidate of En Marche !, whose supporters are gathered in front of the pyramid of the Louvre, will become the eighth president of the Fifth Republic obtaining between 65 and 66.1% of the votes against Marine Le Pen (33.9% To 35%), according to early estimates available Sunday night.

The second round has been marked by the highest abstention since 1969, which is expected by the pollsters to exceed 25%. Unlike in 2002, where the presence of the National Front had mobilized, participation declined sharply compared to the first round (22.23%).

A resounding feat

At 39, Emmanuel Macron accomplished one of the most resounding exploits of French political history. Never elected before, like Charles de Gaulle; The youngest of the 25 presidents of the Republic just before the first of them, Louis Napoleon-Bonaparte (40 years in 1848); Elected as soon as his first attempt at the Elysée, like François Hollande, Nicolas Sarkozy or the centrist Valéry Giscard d’Estaing to whom it is sometimes compared.

This native of Amiens, enarque promotion 2004, inspector of finances then associate-manager of Bank Rothschild, accedes to the supreme magistracy without ever having been parliamentary. Deputy deputy chairman of a growth committee under Sarkozy’s presidency in 2008, deputy general secretary and economic advisor to President Hollande since 2012, he was still unknown to the general public before his appointment as minister of the economy in August 2014 when he is Less than two years.

Passing next weekend

At the head of his political movement, En Marche! Created just a year ago, with its program “and right, and left”, it dismissed the two major parties of government, the PS and the Republicans (LR), booted out of the Elysee for the first Times since 1981. With the valuable reinforcement of the centrist François Bayrou, who rallied him before the first round.

With more than a third of votes, Marine Le Pen set a new record for the National Front when his father Jean-Marie Le Pen had hardly progressed against Jacques Chirac between the two rounds in 2002 (17.79%). . But in spite of the reinforcement of the sovereignist Nicolas Dupont-Aignan and the beginning of a two-and-a-half-turn between Mr Macron and the president of the extreme right party, he stumbled on the last step, with a performance during the televised Disappointed even in its own ranks.

François Hollande’s term expires officially next Sunday and the passing will take place over the weekend. Mr. Macron should be present before Mr. Hollande on Monday under the Arc de Triomphe for the commemoration of May 8, 1945; As well as on the National Day of the Memory of Slavery on Wednesday in the gardens of Luxembourg in Paris, just after the last Council of Ministers of the quinquennium Holland.

“I will not be able to preside over the presidency since 1958”

Emmanuel Macron, who must announce the choice of his Prime Minister and the composition of his government, before soliciting a majority on the occasion of the legislative elections of 11 and 18 June. “I will not have a state of grace, I will not be able to preside over the presidency since 1958,” he warned on Friday.

The new president also indicated that he had made his choice for Matignon. He or she must have “the competence and the capacity to lead a government and a majority”, therefore a priori some parliamentary experience.

Which Prime Minister?

One or a faithful having rallied in March! From its beginnings? A centrist figure such as Jean-Louis Borloo having made his offers of service? A right wing of war to sow the zizanie at LR in view of the legislative? Several options are on the table. For his part, the government should, according to Macron, include about fifteen ministers, mixing politicians and “civil society” figures, and an undefined number of secretaries of state.

Among the first measures announced are the tabling of a law on “political moralisation”. Mr. Macron also wants “from the summer” to reform labor law by ordinances, which already arouses opposition from the PS, the PCF and the unsubdued France of Jean-Luc Mélenchon.

Within En Marche !, “all the investitures” for the legislative elections must take place this week, with a strong place left to the “renewal”. Macron’s supporters rely on the “coherence” of voters to provide the new president with an absolute majority. Several figures on the right (Christian Estrosi) or on the left (Manuel Valls) have already indicated their availability.

Main party of the outgoing Assembly but swept away from the presidential with the 6% collected by Benoît Hamon, the PS is in great danger, caught between MM. Macron and Mélenchon.

Absent the second round for the first time since 1958 after the elimination of François Fillon, the right will try to impose on Mr. Macron a cohabitation, with François Baroin as field leader. The National Front, which has only two outgoing deputies in the Assembly, aims at least to obtain a parliamentary group.


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