Conflict Arly Lariviere / Richie: An unexpected tension situation

A conflict is always linked to a cause that creates a certain manifestation of hostility. Often, it provokes a certain rigidity on the principles governing the personal interests or those of a community. However, there are viable and reliable solutions to manage a conflict situation and find common ground. Among the best known, there is frank dialogue between the parties concerned. Today, there is a tension situation between Arly Larivière of Nu Look and Richie of the Klass group. This conflict seems to take on a dimension that is of concern to many.

The consequences and aftermath of the Klass / Nu Look double poster at the Amazura club

The two protagonists chose the media to unpack their problems in the eyes of the general public. Thus, they created a conflict that amazes more than one. It must be remembered that a conflict can not be spontaneous. According to some people, this began after the two groups met at the Amazura Club in Queens, New York on Friday, August 29, 2014. There is some truth in this case, since Richie and Arly had agreed That a similar second poster was made in November 2014. It seems that the maid of Nu Look did not keep his promise, according to Richie who believes that “pwomès s’det”.

There is a fact that Richie seems to ignore. Nu Look took advantage of this opportunity to return to the musical chessboard konpa dirèk. At the time, this musical formation was in a complicated situation, where its market value had dropped considerably. One could, a priori, foresee that Arly would not accept a second meeting. We pointed it out in an article. He played the evil, while luring Klass’s maestro a false hope, if one disregards the statements of Richie. Arly may have said: atansyon pa kapon. He did not want to lose his new product so quickly. A fact that is considered normal, considering the rigidity of the tests that Nu Look had undergone during this difficult period.

Richie should expect such behavior from his alter ego. Sometimes one wonders whether the attitude that Arly has adopted would be the one Klass would have chosen if he were in the same situation as Nu Look. Arly has publicly confirmed that he no longer wants to play in tandem with Klass and that no promoter can make him change his mind. Such a declaration was made after Richie shared his desire to set up an association of Haitian musicians. He had invited Arly to take part in this project. Richie wanted to create a consortium that he was going to call “The Leaders of the Haitian Music Industry.” This title resonates a bit strong since it is not only the konpa dirèk as Haitian music.

Who benefits from the conflict between Arly and Richie?

The Nu Look maestro is aware of the fact that Richie contacted him about such a project “HMI Leaders”. He gave the impression that he was rolling the other maestro in the flour to properly marinate it. He publicly stated that he did not want to participate. However, according to Richie, Arly had sent him text messages that he had ignored, because he finally understood that he was playing a comedy. Arly made a whole show about such a proposal, saying that Gazzman, Pipo, Roberto, Ti Joe Zenny are also leaders of this industry. He showed respect for Richie’s talent and musical value.

He also spoke of Klass’s participation in the “La nuit du kompa” concert in Bercy / Paris on Saturday, April 8, 2017. He ironically stated that he was told that some groups were not The height of expectations at this concert. Yo te mal pase nan konsè a, he says. He leaves the impression that he did not follow such an event and that he was told all the facts. He was sent the video of the concert, then “Yo toujou vinn di l”, he explains. He even reported that his esteem for Richie remains unchanged. He says that one does not rejoice at the misfortune of others. This is where hypocrisy manifests itself. Are not the words of the song “Nu Look’s Time” directly addressed to Richie? In this song, Arly focuses again on the event that took place at Amazura and, in this piece,

Arly escaped a little to tease Gazzman, asking him not to move with the champion’s belt made of plastic. He went on to say that the evening of Saturday, April 15, 2017 that took place in Amazura between Klass and Disip was rather the meeting of the losers, insinuating that Nu Look had right of these two groups to this same club. He adds that Nu Look beat them to the point of snoring. Yet, it does not rule out the possibility of a double poster with Disip in the future. Gazzman has nothing to do in this litigation facing Arly and Richie. However, he enjoys the situation of tension to enjoy certain privileges that Arly Larivière seems to offer him. Gazzman is in pendulum mode unwittingly. It oscillates between Nu Look and Klass for a new double-poster. Arly seems to make such considerations also not to isolate Nu Look. This dispute settles Disip.

The Truth Between Reality and Uncertainty

Arly woke the cat from her deep sleep. In an interview, the maestro also referred to the statements of Wilfrid Petit-Frère of Konpaevents. It made him believe that the team of Klass had made a proposal to him to boycott Nu Look. To date, no tangible evidence has been provided on this subject. It was expected that Konpaevents would make public the names of all those who had asked him to orchestrate the boycott. It may be late to do so, but it is not too late. The problem between Arly and Richie is caused by some chameleon animators (aganman) and friends common to both maestros wanting to enter their good grace.

It should be noted, however, that there is something in common between Richie and Arly. They are too tolerant. They always accept that a third person provides them with information that is sometimes unfounded. The worst thing is that the maestros seem to take as true all the words given to them by these peddler rapporteurs. These small businessmen – brewers in everyday life are looking for a better being, wanting to show their attachment and their fidelity to the two maestros. Al kwè sa. Arly and Richie have to understand that these are the same people who speak ill of them too.

Arly also spoke of an opponent to refer to the Klass group. This is an error of language. There is no adversity in music, but rather the idea of ​​competition. Nu Look’s maestro seems to be telling Klass, asking the members of the band to adopt a different attitude by inviting rather positive messages. Yet, Arly has told a promoter that someone has told him of his addiction to another musical group. Does it bother? Yo toujou vinn di l. Such an attitude of the maestro leaves the impression that one is forced or obliged to be fanatic of Nu Look. What does he do with individual freedom? Does he wish to take away these inalienable rights from man: freedom of speech, freedom of choice, etc.? ? This certainly proves that Nu Look’s maestro contradicts his speeches. All musical groups, without distinction, adopt the same principle: when one does not say what they would like to hear, one is automatically against them. They are hated, they want to destroy their musical training, they often say.

In the face of the tension situation, we must still be careful. It may also be that, according to some, it is a form of marketing to give more value to a second meeting Klass / Nu Look and require a greater cachet of promoters who would be interested. We hope that Richie and Arly will come together to sit down at the bargaining table in order to continue their common mission of improving the dirèk konpa and ensuring its survival. It will be for the welfare of the community. Let them put their ego aside and shuffle the cards in order to advance a common cause. This crisis has no raison d’être, especially when two well-known maestros are directly involved.
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