Tribute to the Nouvelliste 119 de service

On May 3, the President of the Republic and his wife, artists and other public figures marched on the premises of the newspaper Le Nouvelliste. As part of the open house organized by the Dean of Media on the occasion of its 119 years of foundation. Ticket invites you to discover the wishes of some of these personalities who have responded to the call.

“As a fervent supporter of democracy, as a person who believes in political pluralism, 119 years are not 119 days, whether it be a family business, a public limited company, or whatever, I do not know, under any pretext, not to present myself in your locality on this date to make my wishes. On such occasions, that Le Nouvelliste advances in the process of deepening his observation of the work carried out by the government.This is, in my opinion, a mother newspaper, everything that he publishes serves as authority for the public. ‘He accompanies our caravan initiated in the’Artibonite in spite of the difficulties which are numerous but not insurmountable “Jovenel Moïse

“It is an honor for me to be a part of the celebration, as few companies have so many years of operation in the country, it would be unworthy of me not to be present at this open house. Nouvelliste and especially Ticket have a lot to do with this popularity which I enjoy and which makes envious.I wish the dean of the media to go definitively digital to reach our compatriots scattered to the four corners of the planet “Laplanta

“If Le Nouvelliste is 119 years old today, it is proof that its leaders are worthy of their parents.” There are not many families in Haiti who perpetuate a heritage while keeping it intact. An example of perseverance and excellence.I wish you a long life to the newspaper and the work that is done “Galy, mother of Raquel Pélisiser, 1st dauphine of Miss Universe

“When one passes the 100-year mark, it’s already enormous, the Nouvelliste, it accuses 100 years + 19. It is the pledge of his discipline Before me, artists have benefited from his accompaniment after me, I can say that since the beginning of my career it accompanies me I wish that we continue to make music with us so that Le Nouvelliste continues to support it ”


“I do not have the words to express my feelings in front of such a patrimony.

He is a promoter of culture, he has forged the links between the country and the diaspora. There is something to celebrate with splendor. My father read it. My grandfather too. My children will read it of course, “Trouble Boy

“It is a newspaper that never stops progressing in spite of its long years, its fidelity must be congratulated, it is a hat to all its editors for their courage, I wish it to remain faithful to its ideal, that it will be successful In success for years to come “Gethro (The Preachers)

“This longevity is due to the determined determination of a whole team, 119 years ago, not 119 days ago, I was looking for 198 rue du Center. To celebrate its 198 years “, Daniella Jacques (Chamber of Commerce of the women entrepreneurs of Haiti)

“Le Nouvelliste is the dean of the media, he has been making information a passion for 119 years, it is a great age but not a sign of aging, his work must continue in a country where very few things are perennial. Stephie Pierre (Teknon Vox)

“It is extraordinary to celebrate so many years of a company in Haiti, which implies a positive spirit, a determination in the face of adversity especially since we are in Haiti. Wishes courage, much more determination so that it continues for centuries and centuries.That society continues to appreciate this feat “Vanessa Désiré

“It’s been a benchmark to congratulate, and it has not been easy for the team to maintain for 119 years in Haiti.” Many media have tried and stopped quickly, and I want the rising generation to be proud of this Media that our parents are so proud of. ”


“When I learned that Le Nouvelliste was celebrating its 119 years, I said” Wow. “I read this newspaper, I have always heard about it, it has become a national heritage. To the quality of the information it disseminates.This is the bridge between Haiti and the rest of the world.I wish him “happy birthday” on my behalf and that of Teknon Vox and the CAD group, Romy Laguerre.

“I am happy and proud to be able to take part in her party, and I wish her all the best” Rosena Josselin (singer)

“It is a medium that has supported artists for a long time, wherever they are on the territory and elsewhere.” 119, it is no small matter, I wish him to continue “Dorismond Pierre Paul Reskape Mizik

“It is a great achievement, given the many changes that are taking place in our country, and I would like to be here at its bicentennial.” Denevil Williadelle, singer of Zion Ministries

“It is a great prestige for Haiti to be able to show and demonstrate that a Haitian newspaper can survive in spite of the The Nouvelliste experienced the trials that accompanied social life.

He has been with the country for 119 years. We must pay tribute to this great newspaper: first to its founders and then to its present leaders. The wish is that Le Nouvelliste will continue and continue this remarkable work in honor of memory. The maintenance of tradition. And my wish is also that Le Nouvelliste continue this generosity with regard to freedom of expression by allowing free opinions to express themselves and young journalists to fight authoritarian drifts and attempts to promulgate wicked laws like the Proposal of law of March 14, 2017 which is contrary to the freedom of the press, contrary to the freedom to criticize, contrary to the freedom to investigate and contrary to the rights of man. Contrary to the international conventions,
Chancy Victorin source the novelist

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