Toussaint Louverture international airport flooded

The main international airport of the Republic of Haiti was flooded on Tuesday following the torrential rains that struck the Haitian capital for several days.

The arrival hall, luggage room, carousels and shops of Toussaint Louverture International Airport are under water. “We had to keep the passengers on board the aircraft for over an hour,” Le Nouvelliste told the airport staff.

One of the American Airlines’ commercial flights had to avoid Port-au-Prince airport to land in the Dominican Republic, he told the newspaper, confirmed by an official of the American. The airstrips of the airport are still operational, but the passengers had until Tuesday afternoon hard to embark and disembark.

According to Nadia Lochard, Civil Protection Coordinator for the Western Department, the waters of the Clercine area, flooded since Sunday, have drifted and invaded the airport. The fire brigade, she added, had to intervene quickly to evacuate the water.

General Emergency Preparedness Coordinator Alta Jean-Baptiste pointed out to the Nouvelliste that this situation rarely happens at the Port-au-Prince airport. She said that Civil Protection has already made recommendations to TPTCs to see what is causing this flow of water to the airport.

In a statement, the Director General of the National Airport Authority (NAA), Irving Mehu, apologized to the airport users for “the disturbance situation caused by the Tuesday showers that caused the flooding of areas Arrival and departure. ”

Mr. Méhu reassured travelers and users that he has diligently taken steps to resolve the problem. He pointed out that all airport services were functioning as usual.

Moreover, according to civil protection officials, the floods have already caused the death of one person in Cité-Soleil and wounded four others in the largest slum in the country. For the western department, according to Nadia Lochard, 2,564 families are affected and 3,550 flooded houses.

Cité-Soleil, Tabarre, Arcahaie, Cabaret, Léogâne, among others, are the communes most affected by the bad weather of these last days, she said.

Since Sunday, the torrential rains that hit the country have caused flooding in several areas in Port-au-Prince and make the traffic of vehicles very difficult.

Robenson Geffrard source the new listener

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