The National Police counts 15 cases of kidnapping from January 1 to 22

No less than thirty individuals arrested, among them the alleged murderers of journalist Nehemiah Joseph. 332 kilograms of marijuana, 40 firearms of different calibers seized, more than a dozen stolen vehicles found. It is the assessment of operations carried out between the first week of January to date by several units of the national police.

PNH spokesperson, municipal commissioner Michel-Ange Louis Jeune

In the same interval, 15 cases of kidnapping have been identified. In addition, traffic officers confiscated 125 vehicles circulating without license plates and rubbed off more than 200, revealed the spokesman of the National Police of Haiti during a press conference given on Wednesday at the Central Directorate of the Judicial Police
President Jovenel Moïse called, at the beginning of the week, for the implementation of a coordinated plan of the CSPN, in concert with the public prosecutor’s offices of the Republic, for concrete actions aimed at putting an end to insecurity and banditry, in accordance with the law. The whole nation, impatient, awaits results, “tweeted the nation’s first attorney.

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