Deadly clashes in Cité Soleil

Clashes between rival gangs intensified in several districts of Cité Soleil during this week. Local authorities have reported no death toll.

A notable of the zone, Jean Henoc Joseph, assures that it is difficult to determine the number of people killed since the citizens refuse to declare the deaths. He maintains that 3 cases of death have been reported to the authorities.

There are more than a dozen people injured during the clashes that started on January 1, 2020.

The Boston group has launched an offensive to take control of the Drouillard project, says Joseph. During the confrontations, Ti Hounga’s replacement was injured.

The violence is part of the recurrent struggles for control of territory. The Drouillard project provides access to an area of ​​intense economic activity essential for gangs.

In addition, Mr. Joseph noted that the Drouillard project, which houses the largest electoral center, is coveted by political leaders.

The police did not carry out any intervention to restore calm in the area, deplores Mr. Joseph, who wonders about the sources of funding for these armed groups.

LLM / radio Métropole Haiti

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